New Paintings 2007


Nellie Castan Gallery



Solo Exhibitions

Robert Doble's new paintings explore symbolism, mythology and folklore. Aglow with gold and silver, these paintings take on a new colour palette. The introduction of gold references the original Latin 'luculence', meaning bright, shining or glowing. Its form and and engagement in this exhibition represents sanctity, ceremony, purity and currency as Doble references his deep respect for both Western and Eastern religious and spiritual foundations. Icons adorn his work; the owl, the horse, the skull, the snake - all part of Doble's visual language telling stories of both the past and present.

Through the combination of Doble's colour and iconography, Doble comments on the current state of politics and religion in the world. A serpent slithers along side a religious icon, a skull is positioned close to an owl. Doble comments on civil and human rights in a world that is governed by leaders pushing their agendas; greed, corruption and human poison rear their ugly heads.

Drawn to the physical and emotional process of painting, Doble's work is gestural and layered. Most important is the mark-making upon these dense surfaces. Intrigued by scars, tracking, wounds and the exposure of what lies beneath, Doble brings forth pluralities in this exhibition; darkness and light, religion and politics, histories and the present, as a means of education and generation of discussion amongst his viewers.

Nellie Castan Gallery