Luminosity of Existence 2004


Nellie Castan Gallery



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Robert Doble's paintings are immediate and gestural, and follow in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism. There is an autobiographical element to his work that is at once personal and universal. His canvases are on a human scale and the artist's movement in creating the works is clearly apparent, linking the experience of the artist with his audience. Doble's markings are like scars or wounds and are of a visceral nature. Deeply affected by his brush with death in 2002, Doble's last series of paintings explored the emotional impace of his cancer treatment in psychedelic colours. His latest work continues to contemplate mortality and fundamental human emotions, combing bold colour with the more sombre tones and narrative elements of his earlier Totem and Taboo series.

Doble's surfaces are complex and are comprised of many layers: oil, enamel and spray paint. The fluidity of his materials are highlighted in dripping forms and highly textured figures. Many of his paintings are multi-panelled like 'Plasmodium', commissioned by the Botanical Restaurent in South Yarra. There is a layering of meaning in Doble's use of symbols, either religious or with tribal connotation, and allusions to primitive art. Ominous elements such as the shadow of a plane over the landscape and skull like motifs are counterbalanced by the presence of nature in the form of trees and the watchful eye of birds. Robert Doble's career originated in the UK, but has been based in Australia since 1990. In recent years he has worked from studios in New York and London. Doble is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria with a painting from his Gravity Series of 2000 and is in private collections in Australia, Japan, UK, USA, Italy and Spain.

Nellie Castan Gallery