Melbourne Art Fair (Gravity Series) 2000


Nellie Castan Gallery @ Melbourne Art Fair



Solo Exhibitions

Six months in New York prompted artist Robert Doble to develop richly coloured canvases based on city streets.

“I have mixed colours that have an emergency to them and an urbanisation,” says artist Robert Doble of his latest Gravity Series of paintings. “Like bright electric cables running everyhere, they are about life and the jolt of existence, love, passion, sexuality and the ability to fly. We look down on the world and realise we are all but a speck of dust.”

New York will do that to you, as any visitor knows: giving you the feeling of being really small but still plugging into a powerful energy source. Doble plugged into New York for a frenzied six months, into a city grid overlaid with traffic, noise and visual chaos. Daily, he would sample the mayjem before returning to his TriBeCa studio, to drip and bleed its colours and rigorous layout across his canvases. The tapestry-like paintings, whose loose weave would reveal seemingly solid forms lurking beneath their very painterly surface, allude to the high density of urban life in New York. “There is a lifeline that runs throughout the world,” says the English-born artist, who now lives in Melboure. “The point is about extinction and extension.”

In conversation with Annemarie Kiely